Seed obsessed

Hello my name is Melanie and I have something to fess up, I am a seedaholic.

If there is a seed pod perfectly dried, full of seed, ready for the picking, I just cannot help myself.

I pop it off and most often stick it in my pocket, or my glove compartment. Hopefully I find an envelope so I can write down what it is while I still remember. I have countless envelopes labeled with what I believe the plant is and where/who’s garden I plucked it from. The favorites in my collection are the ones that my partner in crime my mother in law Pat, or I have no clue what the plant is. These packages are labeled ‘tall yellow flower from Pat’. Many treasures have come from the Omena U-pick flower farm like Tithonia, Mexican Sunflower; Traverse City community garden, is where dill, fennel and whole sunflower heads full of seed have been found. No garden is safe from me, most of my neighbors gardens, or walks in the woods have all added to my collection. Moonflower from Cheryl’s, woodland Columbine from the Treat farm trail, to name a few.

I have even been known to make mental notes to return in a week or more after seeing a brilliant colored poppy at the Iris farm on M72.



I love the sound of a ripe poppy seed head, rattling like a maraca when the seeds are ready.

Sunflowers are one of the easiest, I pick a few to save then I attach the whole head to my shepherds hook. We then watch birds and chipmunks harvest the richly nutrient seeds.

I’ll usually let one lettuce, parsley or basil plants go to seed in my garden, just to see if I can grow it next year.

Maybe what’s at the core of this is that I’m cheap. Let’s just say thrifty. Did you notice how many envelopes, I re-purposed?

It is extremely rewarding though to grow something from a seed. To see it through its life cycle. To see that sunflower bloom, eat the lettuce or tomato that you grew.

I’m ready for the growing season to begin, are you?

Happy garden planning, Mel